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Find unique, local artwork for your home

Discovering well-made, locally sourced, beautiful artwork is an experience like no other.


Whether you want a wood carving or are looking for a birdhouse to display in your home or garden, we have plenty of local artwork for you to choose from.

Wonderful wood carvings

Crafted with plenty of care, expertise, and precision by our talented local craftsmen, you’ll be sure to appreciate the work that is put into making each beautiful piece.


Our wood carvings come in many shapes and styles and would look perfect displayed on your shelf or by your door.


For more information about the kind of wood carvings we carry and the artists that create them, contact us today.

Enjoy local goods

Come to cherish plenty of stocked products that are fair trade and created by our area's local artisans.


Tasteful artwork

•Wood carvings


•Night lights


•Beach-themed souvenirs


“This lamp store is packed with unique made in the USA Fair Trade gifts.”

–Beth Ann

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